ProSystem & Website for ARFIN

Digital Product, Retail

Design and development of website, point of sale and content management system for

We designed unanimously for both web and mobile platforms for ARFIN, keeping the standards appropriate and brand story right.

The development started with user experience as primary goal. We focused more on the products and created as many visuals to display the maximum. Latest technologies were used to develop a seamless shopping experience; we reduced unnecessary dialogs and steps, highlighted action buttons and made page transitions intuitive.

Curated the product description and recommendations section. While designing the inner pages, we kept the cart minimal while adding similar products as quick recommendations for users.

Product 'filter' options that instantly sort customer's preference.

The intricacies of ‘shopping bag’ made simple.

Keeping it minimal and chic, we made the call to action prominent that promotes buying behavior, along with keeping the details correct.

Admin management tools are powered by ProSystem

Learn about the which simplifies ARFIN's business operations with easy point of sales, content management system and analytics.